Research Notes

Intranet Focus Ltd has built up a substantial research collection of over 1000 reports,  papers and books on all aspects of intranet management and information management.  Each month weroutinely scan around 100 companies, organisations, consultancies and publishers. We also have access to the Digital Library of the Association for Computing Machinery, a repository of over 1 million research papers, reports and conference proceedings.

In 2012 we  launched a series of Research Notes on topics arising from our consulting work. The Notes vary in length but are generally around 8-10 pages.

Research Note 02/16 May 2016 Intranet Content Migration

This Research Note is co-authored with David Hobbs, the leading authority on web content migration. It highlights the key issues that need to be taken into account when planning an intranet content migration, and is based on our experience with recent migration projects we have undertaken in Europe and the USA.

Research Note 01/16 January 2016 Managing Virtual Teams

This Research Note provides an overview of good practice in managing virtual teams both in team meetings and between meetings. There are ten recommendations based on my own experience of managing virtual teams dating back to 1975. The structure of a training course that I deliver is included along with a resource list of books and research papers.

Research Note 01/15 July 2015 Intranet metrics – Discovery, Satisfaction and Impact

A 26 page overview of the options available to intranet mangers to assess the performance of an intranet. The distinction is made between summative and formative assessments. The report includes descriptions of intranet benchmarking services as well as links to books, reports and research papers.

Research Note 02/14 September 2014 Search Strategy A-Z 

A number of surveys indicate that perhaps only 10-15% of organisations have a search strategy. This 12 page Research Note lists out in an A-Z format 40 topics that should feature in a strategy document. For each topic there is a brief description of the scope and why the topic needs to be considered for the search strategy. Also included are two topics that should not be included in a strategy!

Research Note 04/13 September 2013 Managing Information as an Organisation Asset

A recent Gartner survey indicated that only 10% of companies have an information management strategy. Part 1 of this Research Note provides an introduction to information management and Part 2 outlines a six-stage approach to the development of a corporate information management strategy. There is a self-assessment checklist on information management adoption within an organisation. As well as links to a number of relevant resources on information management there is also a list of some other books and reports on this topic. This 20pp report is not available as a download. Please email contactus@intranetfocus,com  and we will forward a copy free of charge.

Research Note 03/13 June 2013 Searching for people and for expertise

Being able to find information about other employees and also identifying sources of expertise is of great value to employees and to the organization. However often little attention is paid to this aspect of search implementation. In this Research Note some of the linguistic and cultural challenges that arise in providing employee search are outlined, together with a discussion about how to search for expertise without requiring employees to write down what they consider to be their areas of expertise. Case studies from HP and IBM are included. The Research Note ends with a set of eight recommendations.

Research Note 02/13 February 2013 Enterprise Search Strategy

This Research Note has been superseded by Research Note 02/14 

Research Note 01/13 January 2013 Research Review 2012

This Research Note summarises 40 of the best of over 200 reports, briefing papers,  surveys and books that Intranet Focus Ltd. added to its collection during 2012. The topics covered include search, big data, SharePoint, intranets and digital workplaces, collaboration and team working, and mobile access to enterprise information. All the reports can (as of 8 January 2013) be downloaded from the internet though in some cases registration will be required.

Research Note 07/12 September 2012 Intranet Stakeholder Management

There is general agreement that intranet stakeholders need to be managed but there seems to be very little guidance on how this should be undertaken. In fact stakeholder management is a core element of any well-managed project and there is a substantial amount of good practice advice available. At Intranet Focus Ltd we have been using this stakeholder management methodology for intranet and search strategy projects for some time. This Research Note summarises our approach and the lessons we have learned.

Research Note 06/12 June 2012 Enterprise search trends and developments

This Research Notes provides an overview of recent acquisitions in the enterprise search business and assesses the impact of the emergence of Big Data,  the use of search-based applications, the concept of unified information access,  the advent of  cloud-based search services and the challenges presented by federated search, people search and  mobile search.

Research Note 05/12 May 2012  Legal issues for Intranet Managers

It is important that intranet managers are aware of national legislation, regulations and guidelines that an intranet should be compliant with. Two of the most important areas are web accessibility and data privacy, but this Research Note also covers copyright, defamation, information security and records retention. The key maxim is that ignorance of the law is no defence. Intranet managers do not need to become lawyers but probably need to be as close to corporate legal staff as they do to corporate IT staff.

Research Note 04/12 April 2012  Managing Virtual Teams

Most organisations already make use of virtual teams to make the best use of employee expertise, speed decision making and reduce travel and other costs.  This Research Note looks at the benefits and challenges of virtual teams and offers ten recommendations that could improve the management of virtual teams and especially virtual team meetings based on over thirty years of  experience. A section on Resources lists some recent books, research papers and web resources.

Research Note 03/12 March 2012 Enterprise Mobile – Planning for 2013

This Research Note is no longer available

Research Note 02/12 February 2012 Digital Workplaces Implementation Checklist

This Research Note sets out a 20-point implementation checklist on some of the information, technology and governance issues that need to be considered if the vision of a digital workplace is to be achieved. Some of these issues may not be relevant to all organisations and others may already have been addressed, but even just one or two of these issues could make the difference between success and failure

Research Note 01/12  January 2012 Enterprise Search Team Management
Enterprise search support teams have to take on five different roles. This Research Note sets out the roles and their responsibilities, considers some of the issues around creating a Search Centre of Excellence and suggests a set of search logs that need to be reviewed on a regular basis. Seven recommendations are made which should help to improve search effectiveness and user satisfaction.