Search Blogs

This page is a list of blogs which track developments in enterprise search technology and implementation. Some of these blogs are published by search vendors. Others (such as the Real Story Group blog) cover a range of topics including enterprise search. This list was reviewed and revised in June 2013.

Aghy Blog  Agnes Molnar


Basis Technology

Beyond Search Stephen Arnold



Concept Searching

Coveo Insights

Daniel Tunkelang

Do More With Search  BA Insight

Enterprise Search  New Idea Engineering

Enterprise Search  Lynda Moulton



Findability  Findwise

Google Enterprise

Information Interaction Tony Russell-Rose


Opensource Connections

Polyspot Blog

Ravn  Ravn Systems

Real Story Group Blog

The Core Perspective Recommind


Search Chronicles  Paul Nelson, Search Technologies

Search Hub  Lucid Works

Sematext Blog 


SmartLogic Journal

Unified Information Access  Attivio

There is also a very good LinkedIn Enterprise Search Engine Professionals Group. Membership is by application.

For Microsoft SharePoint 2010 search the Technet resources are very comprehensive

If you know of other blogs or write one yourself  please let us know