Search Migration

Google ESA Application customers are now in the position of having to consider their options with the news that the Appliance is  going to be withdrawn from the market.Google will still offer support for bug fixes but there will be no further technical development.  There are many options for Google customers. They can wait and see what the Google cloud solution offers in due course, install a search appliance from another vendor, move to a commercial vendor offering either on-premise, cloud or hybrid services or move to an open-source solution. There are at least 60 vendors to choose from. It is worth noting that the process to define requirements, select a new application, install it and then launch it may easily take 6-9 months.

The Intranet Focus Search Migration Assessment service is designed to assess the level of readiness of organisations to begin to consider the benefits, risks and trade-offs between enterprise search applications when there is requirement to migrate to a new application. The service is based around the 49 elements of an enterprise search strategy that appear in my book on Enterprise Search. They are listed on the Enterprise Search Book website. The service is totally vendor independent. We are not in the business of selling or even promoting search solutions.

Migrating to another application is not just about the technology, despite the announcements made by vendors. A wide range of business and support issues have to be factored in.  One of the benefits of the Google appliance was that it could be installed and implemented very quickly. Coupled with the brand strength of Google’s technology it was the ideal solution, especially if the organisation had little, if any, previous experience of selecting and managing an enterprise search application.

The potential decommissioning of the Google appliance gives these organisations the opportunity to re-consider what they need from an enterprise search application. Our experience suggests that It is likely that they have no search strategy and the information required to make the decision may be widely dispersed across the organisation. There may also be quite a number of ‘unknown unknowns’.

The objective is to identify areas where attention will need to be paid by the organisation before entering negotiations with prospective vendors. By being fully prepared the time required for selection process can be reduced and it will be much easier to identify the optimum solution. We aim to have our report available within 10 working days of the initial round of on-site interviews.

The Search Migration Assessment service is offered at a fixed price in the UK and the rest of Europe. It is also available in the USA but the price will be negotiated to take into account the scale of most US operations.

For further details and the pricing see our brochure on the Search Migration Assessment service.

Martin White