Strategy, Technology and Governance

Intranet Focus Ltd provides a unique range of information management consulting services. The company was established by Martin White in 1999. Over the last 15 years we have carried out projects in the UK, the rest of Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

Intranet strategy and management
Most of our intranet projects involve advising on governance strategies, building business cases for intranet investment, defining stakeholder and user requirements and developing approaches to assessing intranet performance. Our largest project involved over 170 interviews in 13 countries, including China and Japan, with a team of five consultants. We also advise on migration strategies for intranets. We estimate that the total number of employees in organisations for which we have developed intranet strategies  is close to 500,000.

Enterprise search strategy, implementation and management
We are vendor-independent in the advice we offer. We help build business cases and governance strategies and define stakeholder and user requirements and in particular advise on user interface development and testing. Search performance measurement methodologies are another important area, and we also support the recruitment of search managers. We have an enterprise search information portal

Information management
Information management good practice is at the core of our work. We focus especially on information risk and information quality. Some years ago we developed an information charter which is a summary of what we consider all organisations should adopt as a work ethos. An important element of this work is to ensure that organisations understand the implications of working in teams in which one or more of the members are working virtually on a regular basis.

Global support
We are based in the UK but have long-established relationships with consultancies in Australia, Denmark, France and the USA.

The client-consultant partnership
We work hard to build effective client-consultant partnerships, based on our experience with more than 500 projects. This experience forms the basis of a new book entitled Managing Expectations which will be published on 1 March 2016.

New for February 2016

Search Migration Assessment service  – helping Google enterprise search appliance customers consider the options available in the wake of the announcement by Google that the server product is being discontinued.

Search Lab  – this search workshop takes place in London on 6 April and is a joint venture with Intranet Now.

Book: Intranet Managment Handbook


The first book to offer practical advice on intranet management, based on the work of the author as an intranet consultant over the past fifteen years.Learn More

Book: Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search Book Cover

2nd Edition: Is your organization rapidly accumulating more information than you know how to manage? This book helps you create an enterprise search solution based on more than just technology.Learn More