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Intranet Focus Ltd provides a wide range of information management  consulting services. The company was established in the UK in 1999 and over the last 15 years has carried out  projects in the UK and the rest of Europe, the USA and the Middle East. We estimate that the total number of employees in organisations for which we have developed intranet strategies  is close to 450,000.

We offer consulting services on

  • Digital workplace strategies
  • Enterprise search and web site search
  • Information management strategy development
  • Intranet strategy and management

“You have been a pleasure to work with.  I personally, and I believe the team as well, benefited a great deal from both the breadth and depth of your intranet expertise and experiences.  And it provided comfort, if that’s the right word, to know we had a guide who in many instances has been to the place where we’re trying to go.”

Some recent projects have included

  • Preparing a digital workplace strategy for one of the world’s leading law firms
  • Advising a European pharmaceutical company on the establishment of a search centre of excellence
  • Creating a set of training courses on search management for AIIM
  • Identifying website search enhancement opportunities for a UK public sector organisation
  • Providing an independent review of plans for a complex portal implementation project

Our advice is always provided on a vendor-independent basis. We are based in the UK but have long-established relationships with consultancies in Australia, Denmark, France and the USA.

The Intranet Focus blog covers developments in search, intranets, information management, digital workplaces and Big Data as well as reviews of books and conferences.

Martin White, Managing Director, also writes a regular column on search topics for CMSWire

We are a sponsor of the Intranet Now conference, which takes place in London on 2 September

Enterprise Search Book Cover

Enterprise Search – Enhancing Business Performance

This is Martin White’s third book on enterprise search management and was published as an e-book (with a print option) by O’Reilly Media in November 2012. The technology of search is summarised in two chapters. The other ten chapters are about how to manage enterprise search projects and then continuing to maximise the return on investment through setting up a search support team that brings together staff with business and IT skills. Read the reviews by Des Bravington for JBoye, James Robertston, David Hobbie and Beyond Search

A second edition is now in preparation for publication in early 2015.

Buy online from O’Reilly and use AUTHD to get a discount on the price